Light Years Darko Kustura
  • Release Date 14 Jul 2014
  • Catalogue WITB020
Darko Kustura - Light Years (Original Mix)
Darko Kustura - Twentytwo (Original Mix)
Darko Kustura - Light Years (Lay-Far Remix)
Darko Kustura - Light Years (Klar & PF Remix)
  • LTJ Bukem
    Really nice EP, Lay Far is my fav
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Audiojack Gruuv, 20:20 Vision, Tsuba
    Solid deepness, will play the original Light Years on the radio. x
  • Detroit Swindle Tsuba, Freerange
    original of light years and the lay far remix are really nice!
  • Nacho Marco Ovum, Loudeast
    Really liking Twentytwo and Lay Far remix of Light Years, will play. Thanks.
  • Spieltape Highway Records, Moodmusic, Get Physical
    Brilliant release!
  • Moodymanc Tsuba, Exploited
    Really cool vibes throughout this release! Outstanding.
  • Ev Freska
    I m here because of Lay Far! Brilliant as always!
  • Kostya CoolKAs Theomatic rec.
    Amazing release!
  • Ponty Mython What's In The Box, Nurvous
    Thanks! Lay-far's mix is for me
  • Echonomist Dessous, Soulfooled
    Lay far remix is great! but all the EP sounds good!
  • Jay West
  • Giom Z Records
    Light years original is super chilled but will work in early sets. The LayFar mix is the one for me. Will try these out.
  • Monaque Get Physical, Highway
    Great release! can't pick a favorite!
  • Swoy ( djebali ), Overall Music
    Light Years original, thanks
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Club Sweat, Elrow, Nurvous, Box of Cats
    Nice pool/beach/early set music...very cool
  • Ocean Hypnotic, Typhoon8 Records (Hong Kong)
    will try them for a pool party tmr, perfect thanks!
  • Chris Fortier Fade Records
  • Sammy W & Alex E Toolroom, Sleazy G, Bunny Tiger
    Nice work, thanks
  • Loverdose Nurvous
    very nice stuff here. thanks
  • Mike Spirit Highway Records
    Love all tracks here! Summer vibes
  • bvoice Fellows
  • Da Funk Acryl Music
    count me in for the full support!
  • UGLH Get Physical, Witty Tunes
    Really cool thx
    Will spin Light Years original a lot. Thank you!
  • Da Lukas Rebirth, Hysterical/Ego, 303Lovers, Nite Groovers/King Street Sound.
    I like Light Years Original and Lay-Far Rmx.
    Cool tracks for this hot summer.
    Thanks a lot!
    super release. quality stuff here
  • Kornum Good For You Records / Different Attitudes
    Klar & PF Remix is really nice!
  • Terry Grant
    Loving that Lay-Far remix. Tight!
  • Boguslavsky
    Summer cooler, thnx for the music!
  • Monkey Fish Highway Records / Kazantip Music / Akbal Music
    Light Years Original is beautiful ! Thanks
  • Bronxy ÉTÉ
  • JCB Raro Music, SQUAT3/4
    Lay-Far great remix. Tnx.
  • DJ Grad
    Deep and smooth summer tune!
  • Tiago Fragateiro Composite, Ovum, Freerange.
    Lovely work! Hard to pick a fav here. WIll def play it!
  • Martin Hayes Rose Records
    another quality package with an amazing lay-far remix. "twentytwo" is my other favorite. keep up the good work guys.
  • Holosound Pulse Radio
    Smooth pool party grooves for the weekend, will support!
  • Talking Props
    Light Years is cool!
  • Alert RedBar /
    Summer pool! cool! )
  • dEEPoint Spektral, Seven Villas
    Perfect mood!!!!! All tracks are brilliant! Tnx
  • Larionov
    Nice summer vibes! Thanks for the music!
  • Santiago Jermaine Roger Sanchez
    Downloading to try out, Thanks
  • DP-6
    Very nice & very light. Support Light Years original
  • Max Popov Incepto Deep Rec / Microbios Rec
    my support )
  • Volodya Borisov Radioteka
    Lay-Far remix is very nice! Great EP! Thx!
  • Alexey Titov
    Summer... Nice EP!!!
  • Art Of Life Kindisch
    will play on the beach ! yeah !
  • D. Tarasyuk FLOOR GROUP
    Perfect EP. Thx
  • Dima Yaponets
  • Lunnar Obo&Hobos
    KLar&PF for me!
  • Sergey
    Sunny, sexy, lightly!!! Take
    sounds great!
    Sunshine!!! ))
  • Misha Tune Particles / Minim.all
    I love this release! Thx!
  • Guru Guru's Kitchen
    Lay Far Remix is great! Thanks!
  • Simon Deep
    Light Years original very slinky thanks
  • Igor Malyarevsky IM
    Nice one! Will try The Original Mixes, thank you.
  • Roman Yakovlev ROOF
    Excellent stuff for evening relaxing on a seaside.
  • Jonas & Patrik Stockholm Dunk
    Four really good track. Will play on podcast! ©  Cookies Policy

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